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#1 Concreters Canberra.

A Capital Service for a Capital City

Clean concrete looks great and, when it’s laid by professionals, you know you can be proud of your home. The driveway looks smart, your garden paths look crisp and elegant, your house just feels solid as a good home should feel.

Whilst your concrete looks superb, it’s comforting to know it took a lot of effort by the right team to make it so appealing.

Let’s be honest, though. Concrete is pretty boring stuff. It’s everywhere and anywhere and lots of firms offer to lay it for you. How do you know you’re getting the best concrete that will look great and last a lifetime, and that won’t be causing you headaches down the line?

Well, would you like to feel that you’ve got economical, sustainable and safe concrete, backed by our 100% guarantee? Would you like to know that you won’t have to worry about cracking or deterioration, that your slab is a strong foundation, your shed sits on a rock solid base, your home looks great with our work?

The fact is we take pride in out profession and the quality of our work, and we want to be sure that you’ll be happy with our concreting service 5, 10, 20 or more years down the line and that you get the quality you’d expect.

So if you’re in need of the #1 Concreting company in Canberra, reach out to us now for your free quote!

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concreting canberra
concreters canberra

How Can Our Concrete Help You?

As you chat to your neighbours, you want them to notice how smart your driveway is, you’d love it if they complimented you on it, you’d be over the moon if they asked for the contractor’s name. You’d then know you’d got the right team in, the job had been done well and you’d be pleased to pass on our details. We believe we’re the best concreters in Canberra and stand by our quality of work.

You’re going to love that your home looks and feels so much smarter. That’s not all, though.

If you want to upgrade the value of your house because you want to sell it at some point in the future, our work is designed to add dollars to your sale price. As potential buyers approach your home, they will be impressed by the smart driveway or well designed path leading to your lovely (and more valuable!) home.

But Let’s Not Jump The Gun.

We’re called Ace Concreting Canberra because we don’t believe in a service that’s anything but. We go over and above the normal standards and provide exemplary quality to all our customers. They come back for more.

Our approach is innovative and we work to the highest safety standards. We’re proud of our work and rightly so as making you satisfied is our number one priority.

Whether you are after that new driveway with the bespoke design, the path that makes the garden, the slab for your new garage or extension, we can help.

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Our Three Principles


We are economical because we know we can provide superb concreting skills at extremely competitive prices. There are many good concreting companies out there who want this work and we know price is vital to get right. If we are too expensive, no matter how good our work is, you’ll go elsewhere. It’s just concrete, right?! A competitive business is a successful business! (as suggested by the CBC)


We know we offer sustainable work because our concrete is built to last. You’ll want that driveway to look just as good in 20 years as it does the day we finish. You haven’t chosen concrete because it’s a short-term solution. We still have plenty of concrete from the Roman times (though not yet found in Australia!) so we know you want a long lifespan from our work.


We only provide concrete that is prepared, delivered and laid with the top safety standards. We believe in taking care of our staff and our clients in a safe and responsible way. We also deliver concrete that is safe, robust and will give you years of satisfaction from a job well done. Safety is without a doubt our #1 priority and is one reason we consider ourselves the best concreters Canberra has to offer.

In fact we believe so much in these three principles that we offer a 100% guarantee.

Our Concreting Services In Canberra

Like it or not your driveway plays a huge part in how your house looks and the impression it makes. A new driveway can easily transform the front of your home, impressing neighbors & friends, and increasing your homes value significantly.

Are you building your dream home? Or perhaps you’re subdividing and building new units as an investment? Either way a solid concrete foundation is essential to a new property, and a concrete base done properly will give you decades of happiness, peace and safety.

Whether you’re in need of a concrete path for your backyard, front yard or front of your house on the street, we can build you one using the best methods to avoid cracks, or the path sinking or lifting, that will give you decades of hassle free use.

Does plain regular concrete bore you? Looking for something a bit more exciting? We’re proud to offer multiple types of popular decorative concrete styles including polished concrete, stamped concrete, intricate stencils, aggregate concrete & coloured concrete. Ask us now for more information!

Did you have something else in mind that we could help you with? Perhaps a concrete slab for a garage or garden shed? An outdoor patio area? An intricate garden feature? Perhaps a water feature? If you can imagine it, we can build it, ask us how today!

If you’re ready to take the next step and get started on your concrete job with Canberra’s best concreter, contact us now for a no obligation free quote.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Your property is your most valuable asset, don’t leave it to amateurs. A poor concreting job can be an absolute mess to clean up and repair, don’t risk the value of your home to an amateur concreting team, choose Ace Concreting Canberra instead.

  • Increase the value of your property.
  • Remove & replace unsafe, aged, uneven and cracked concrete areas.
  • Decorative concrete that will impress your neighbors, friends and family.
  • Free quotes with no obligation or pressure involved.
  • Professional & friendly service.
  • Residential, commercial, & government projects.
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Why Should You Hire Professional Concreters?


We’ll complete your concreting project using the right methods so that it will look great and last a lifetime.

concreting customer service


We value you and your business as it’s what keeps us in business, so we aim to go above and beyond to keep you happy.


We only use the highest quality concreting products & materials as recommended by MCA so you get the best result in the short and long term.


We’re a pretty relaxed, open and friendly team and believe this helps us to build a good relationship with our customers, both new and old


We aim to stick to deadlines and turn up on time when we say we will. Delays affect as just as much as they affect you so we try to avoid them as much as possible.


If there’s any issues at the completion of your project we’re happy to help out and right any wrongs.


The final quote you receive from Ace Concreting Canberra will take into account the size of the area to be concreted, the slope (if there is one), how much excavation or removal of old concrete is required and the type of finish you’re after.

Be careful of any concrete contractors who quote too low as they may not be factoring in all expenses and may charge you more later on. They may also cut corners and provide you with a cheap and inferior finish that may need costly repairs in the future.

Every project is different however generally it involves site preparation (removing rubbish, excavations, drainage preparation), installing a framework, pouring of the concrete, applying any specific treatment to it (decorative or specific colouring).

Once again it will depend on the type of job. Other variables such as the size of the surface area, the weather conditions, and how thick the concrete is (will depend on what purpose it is used for). Generally the longer we can leave it without use the better, especially with concrete that has to deal with heavy loads (such as driveways).


We’ll generally aim to commence the project when the weather is decent, if you need a specific time frame don’t hesitate to give us a quick call. 

Random cracks in concrete can be an issue and they can be caused by a few different things including the soil underneath not being properly settled, overloading the slab with more weight than it’s designed for or drying issues and shrinkage of the slab.

We always follow best practices for every concreting project we do which means that we prepare (compact the soil) the site properly before any concrete is poured, ensuring the concrete is a correct thickness for the intended usage and making sure the slab is poured consistently and quickly so that it can dry as a whole and not in sections.

In saying all this minor cracks can occur over time where the concrete has expanded due to normal expansion and contraction and this cannot be avoided.


Karen W.

We’re very happy with our new driveway, Ace concreting did a great job, they were very easy to deal with and very professional, thank you.

Jeff S.

Ace Concreting Canberra did an exceptional job on the slab for my new garage and back shed, they came in, got the job done in a reasonable time for a good price, no messing about, thanks guys.

Michael K.

We’ve needed a new driveway for quite a while now, Ace concreting were able to help us out and were very friendly and helpful the whole way through, we’ve now got a new driveway with a decorative finish and its look great, very happy with the result.

We’d like to take this opportunity to shout out to our good friends in the USA, “Cement Contractor Hot Springs” who we’ve known for many years now, as well as Aurora Concrete Repair, also in the US.