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Need A Concrete Slab Poured?

A concrete foundation or ‘slab’ (not to be confused with 24 cans of beer!) is the base for a high proportion of Australian homes.

Benefits of a Concrete Slab

The thermal benefits of a slab are great for your heating bills, the slab can be extended to include the verandah and share those benefits and these can vary from state to state. If you tell us what you want, we’ll be able to work with you to give you the best slab that delivers the best benefits.

Slabs are also great for keeping the house closer to the ground. If you don’t want the hassle of having to climb up onto a stumped house, maybe you have a disability that prevents you, maybe you just want a house at ground level, then slabs solve this problem.

A slab is a key component to a loving home and it sometimes gets forgotten. What also gets forgotten is the anti-termite properties a good slab can bring. No one wants those pesky creepy crawlies invading their home and doing untold damage!

These things last as well. A good slab can have a home on it for decades, withstanding all the weather the great Australian seasons can throw at them.

Would you believe that slabs are a lot quieter than your stumped house? There’s no echo chamber beneath your home, the joists don’t move and you don’t have to re-stump as the wood rots.

Slabs can be used for a new home to be built, renovations to an existing one or the foundation for an extension.

Did you know that slabs are an effective defence against flood damage? We hear of worsening weather conditions around the world and certainly Australia gets its fair share but it’s always better to know the damage is minimised because you have a good slab holding the house up.

So those are some of the great benefits slabs bring. Now you just want to race ahead and get one and think it looks simple – mark out a space, create a quick frame to stop the concrete spreading, pour it over some metal frame stuff and let it dry. Easy, right?

Well, no.

Concrete Slab Details

Slabs come in various structures which can be made on or off site. They are usually between 100-500mm in depth and require professional methods of curing to minimize the risk of shrinkage or cracking. We always build our slabs to comply with Australian Standard AS 2870.

That being said, when you tell us what you want, we listen. We can provide the most suitable concrete base for your needs. For most jobs we’ll generally use a ground-bearing slab which involves leveling the site, we’ll almost always use reinforcing materials, generally steel rebar, to give the slab strength and endurance, and we’ll also setup formwork which is kind of like a box around the area the slab will be poured, this will give it its shape.

There are various types of slabs we may recommend but it will all depend on your situation, soil type, gradient, etc and these include ground-bearing slabs, suspended slabs (which includes corrugated slab, ribbed slab, or waffle slab), unreinforced slabs, mud slabs, one-way slabs or two way slabs.

So if you’re in need of a concrete slab in Canberra, the easiest way is to contact us and we can provide a quote for you. We will ask you a series of questions to ensure we understand what you want. We will then come back to you with a price and how long the job will take. As simple as that! For concrete slabs Canberra, give us a call today!

If you’re building a new house you may also need a concrete path down the line at some point as well, we can help you here as well if needed.

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