Decorative Concrete Canberra

Do You Need Decorative Concrete?

Concrete is a versatile and reliable surface. It can be used for many areas, both inside and outside the home. You can even make statues out of it!

We don’t think when you talk about decorative concrete, you want some gaudy representation of the Lady Madonna, rocking out your front yard. We could be wrong (we will listen!) but we think you’re after a variety of styles of concrete that add that pizzazz to your home. There are a number of finishes and we aim to provide exactly what you are after when we hear your wishes.

Stamped concrete is basically a style of concrete that is styled or treated so it looks like slate, flagstone, wood, tile, brick, stone, or any number of other styles. It can be a great way to change the look of feel of your outdoor area and can be used for driveways, paths, pool decks, patios or any number of other locations. Most stamped concrete projects will begin with a base colour (using a colour hardener, acid stains, integral powder or liquid or others), an accent colour is then added and is the secondary colour and adds more details onto the design. Stamping patterns are then applied.

Polished Concrete Canberra

There’s nothing quite so elegant and eye-catching in the home as a polished concrete floor. Modern and easy to keep clean, it leaves a lasting impression of style.

The sheen across the floor shows off your kitchen and surrounds as well as providing a reliable protective barrier.
polished concrete driveway canberra

Stamped Concrete Canberra

Concrete doesn’t have to be uniform and flat. There are a multitude of patterns we are able to add to your concrete to give the appearance of stone, brick or cobbles without the time and expense of having to lay these. It also will remain robust for a long time, preventing the weeds from creeping through the joins between such normal surfaces.

The choices are varied and we would look forward to working with you to pick out the right one for your wishes.
stamped concrete driveway canberra

Basic Concrete Canberra

Some work is enhanced by the clean lines of well laid concrete. This could be all you need to make your home design look as stylish and modern as any house you’ve seen. If this is to tidy up an area prior to selling, it’s a simple way to update a space at a relatively low cost.
basic concrete driveway canberra

Stencilled Concrete Canberra

Concrete has the added advantage of being able to be stencilled when it’s laid, leaving a graceful design in the surface and adding to the attractiveness of its appearance. There are too many designs to list but we carry a wide array to meet your wishes.

Bricks, diamonds, basketweave, bushrock, templestone, rosette, even the disabled logo can be stencilled on to concrete to leave it looking a little more interesting and more complimentary for your home.
stenciled concrete canberra

Aggregate Concrete Canberra

If someone turned round and asked if you wanted stones showing through the concrete, you would probably think they were mad. But more and more of our clients are turning to this finish.

It’s dynamic, varied, no two areas are the same, the randomness of the patterns increase the style and it looks great for a path, a driveway or any sort of custom concrete feature. Naturally slip resistant and sealed to provide a superb finish, this style is what forward looking clients are choosing.
aggregate concrete canberra

Coloured Concrete Canberra

All the styles so far discussed are finished in concrete which we all know is grey! However, did you know you can add a bespoke tone to it with our palette of colours, each one individually picked with your desires in mind?

coloured concrete driveway canberra

Imagine how you could add to these styles for your concrete work, leaving an original hue for all to admire and maintaining the reliability and lifespan of your path, driveway or floor. Imagination is a wonderful starting point to design some truly spectacular concrete.

We’ve said before that listening is our unique selling point. At this stage, we’re hearing that you want to know how to get decorative concrete!

Looking for decorative concreting in Canberra? The easiest way is to contact us and we can provide a quote for you. We will ask you a series of questions to ensure we understand what you want. We will then come back to you with a price and how long the job will take. As simple as that! So if you’re after the best quality decorative concrete Canberra can offer, call us now!

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