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#1 For Concrete Paths Canberra. Walking up to a home can leave a great impression. You want your visitors to be impressed, by the house, by the garden and by the way it felt to walk up to your house. Through the front yard, down the side, from the pavement, straight, wavy, curved, split, standing out, subtly embedded, with features, crisp and clean – you want that footpath to scream sophistication and style.

Of course you might just want it to be functional, new and not be cracked like the one you’ve had for ages. But we all like to treat ourselves, don’t we?

Getting it right is, like so many features using concrete, an act of art rather than science. Listening to you is the first step on working to create such a series of sensations for your visitors.

You might not want your front path done. You might want to upgrade your garden path, whether for a redesign or a newer version.

Either in front of the house to show off your design skills or behind to be savoured by you and a chosen few, you have a number of choices you can look at to round off this requirement. The finish is the final look to any path – the designs are up to you, working with us. Stamped, stencilled, brushed, exposed aggregate – the options include these and many others.

You might be merely looking at a concrete path as an alternative and are undecided on the reasons. Many like the lack of weeding, the low maintenance, the economical benefits and not to mention that they last and last.

Once you make up your mind and know it’s got to be a concrete path, you want to get this project moving.

If you work with us we can offer a few promises…
– We’ll use the best quality materials.
– We’ll use the best methods to ensure you get a great final result.
– We wont cut corners the way other contractors do.
– We’ll look after you, our customer with our high level of customer focus.

So if you’re looking to get the best concrete path Canberra has ever seen, the easiest way is to contact us and we can provide a quote for you. We can also offer decorative concrete for your path as well if you like. We will ask you a series of questions to ensure we understand what you want. We will then come back to you with a price and how long the job will take. As simple as that!

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