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This is the bit where we tell you about how the company was set up in a garage, and has grown from strength to strength, all the while leaving all our customers happy and singing our praises. Or it’s the bit where we get a bit more honest.

Concreting is hard work. Get it wrong and it looks awful and you’re stuck with some pretty ugly stuff that’s hard to shift. Get it right and, like we’ve said elsewhere, you’re going to be proud. We didn’t start out as experts and we had a lot to learn. We always continue to learn (we follow best practices as recommended by the Concrete Institute of Australia). This is an approach we bring to our work every single day because we believe everyone can improve.

So how do we get it right? We listen. That’s the one thing that we believe makes our customers happy and sets us up to deliver excellent work. They have a vision, a view, a dream. They also have a budget! We work to hear what they’re saying. They want a look, we know concrete. Marrying the two is an art, not a science so we work hard to ensure what we’re going to produce is what the customer is after.

We could bulk this section up with talk excellent customer service, dedication to the job in hand, etc, etc, but the truth is, we listen. All the rest is something you’d expect. You’re the customer, after all.

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